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Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Grandma's Letter

One of the things that touched me about my Grandma was a letter she sent my mother just before she and my father married. The letter is very old and worn, but here is what I could make of it. I took my Mom’s name out because I don’t know if she would like her name published.

Dearest ,
Just a note to tell you how glad we will be to welcome you into our family circle. We have always loved you and will love you more for your own dear self and then because Sonny Boy loves you so dearly, and we want you to feel that you are really one of us.
I’m sorry you couldn’t go to your own home for I know what it means to every woman to have a home of her own. You will not have to stay with us many months for we plan to fix you all a home this fall, and the good part about it you’ll be here and can help plan what you want done.
Please tell all of your family we want them to come to see you here any time they can for they will always find a most cordial welcome.
Our one prayer for you both is that your life will be one of happiness and I feel it will be for I believe you both truly love each other and will be willing to make some of the sacrifices _________ it takes to make a happy and successful life.
May Gods ____________blessing rests upon you both today and always.


Your mother to be and Mama

The ________ are words I couldn’t make out. My mother and father married and lived with my grandparents for awhile. My three aunts lived there at that time.
My mother has told me during that time and while my father was at WWII that she was never treated as anything but a sister and daughter.

I plan to write more about my Grandmother, because to me she was always a very caring, loving person to me. I feel lucky to have had her and the rest of my family for the short time I did. Now my grandparents, my father, aunts, and uncles are all gone. My mom will do as most old people do and reminisce about the old days. As a kid I didn’t really want to hear the old stories, but today when she talks, I listen. I wished I had listened when my Grandparents talked.

Isn’t it funny that once you get older and finally realize that you aren’t the center of the universe, how much your memories and the memories of loved ones come so much to mean to you.


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