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Friday, April 14, 2006

Air Conditioning in the South

When you live in the Deep South, you can’t survive without air conditioning (A/C), whether in your house or car. The last couple of years we’ve had to have the Freon topped off on our house unit and it has been done by people we know and trust. Well our housing unit needs a major overhaul. We were told that it would be fixed by today and we would have A/C for the weekend. I just found out they have to order a part that will take three or four days to get here.

The weather today is predicted to have a high of 89F/31.6C and by Tuesday 95F/35C. So now it’s breaking out the fans and preparing to be miserable.
To show you how technology has changed our lives. My father years ago wanted to put A/C in my Grandparents house. They wouldn’t hear of it. The most I ever saw them use was a box fan in the living room. I can’t imagine living without A/C now.

To all my friends up north, do you want trade for a little while? I would be happy to take a little cold weather for the next week.


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