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Friday, April 14, 2006

One Unifying Blog

I posted this as a comment over at Boo Trib a while back, but I've kept wondering why not?

I am just a novice in the political arena and I know this is a very simplistic idea, but I’ve never understood why all the liberal/progressive blog leaders don’t get together and hold a modern continental congress. I know each blog owner is trying to make a living doing this, but if all could get together, hammer out a constitution of what they stand for, elect leaders and then form one blog where the best of all the blogs could be put. Each individual blog owner would keep their blog, but all would contribute. I’ve heard Booman and Mary Scott on radio and I’ve seen Kos mentioned on MSM. As of now there is no unifying voice speaking for the all the liberal/progressive blogs. I know it’s a pipe dream, but what if there was one blog that said this is who we are and what we believe. These are the best writers from all the blogs and these are the messages we are trying to get out. Everyone keeps talking of organizing. Each blog is like a colony before the revolution, each equal and independent. Each having their own rules and leaders.

But until each blog leader can come together and hammer out something to unify the blogosphere, we’re just a bunch of individual voices that are trying to be heard.


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