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Monday, June 19, 2006

A Comfortable Road

Is there a road that you drive every day? I’ve got one that I go over just about ever day. The reason I asked is because the other day when I was driving down that road, I almost unconsciously veered to the left where a man hole cover is, and then slowed down where a bump is. I already knew a sharp curve was up ahead and I’d have to slow down for it. It got me to thinking about how routines effect your everyday life.

I feel comfortable driving down that road. I know ever twist and turn and bump on the road and I like that. Sometimes I take an adventure and drive another way into town. I know those roads too, but just a change of scenery is always nice. Those other ways into town are nice, but they aren’t my road. I don’t know why I think of it as my road, but I do.

I used to want new adventures all the time. Seeing new things and doing new things, but I missed something I think people who never left here already knew. There’s a certain comfort in being at home. In knowing what around the curve and being prepared for the bumps you know are there.

I look at my family that way. We aren’t the Waltons or the perfect family, but I do feel comfortable around them. They make demands on me and I make demands on them, but as we’ve gotten older there are no surprise bumps or curves. We’ve come to understand each other and just basically accept each other. I can’t say that was the way it was when we were younger. We were all trying to change each other or just rebelling against anything or everything. I guess age has taken a lot of the rebellion out of us and we know we’re all so set in our ways that no change is forthcoming.

I feel comfortable driving into my town on my road and comfortable being around the ones I love. I have routines I do everyday (naps), and I don’t feel the need to venture off and find something new. Yes I feel the people who never left here know something I didn’t, and I wonder sometimes why I ever left.


I thought I would show you what really comfortable looks like.

Added again:

Remember how I said it was all nice and comfortable. It looks like one of those days. You know it's starting out bad when you take a shower and realize you forgot a towel. I'm soaking wet and put on dry clothes to go and get a towel. I thought I would get one from the load I washed, dried and folded last night. I get to the laundry basket and realized Cat had decided it would make a nice bathroom last night. Needless to say Cat is staying outside for the next day or two.

I decided I can salvage the day and put the cat soaked towels in the washer and a load of dishes in the dishwasher. I come back into the kitchen and there are suds pouring out of the dishwasher onto the floor. I grab more towels and get the suds up. Another load to go into the washer. I think the FSM saw my earlier post about being comfortable and decided to throw a wrench into the machine.

Who said you have to leave home to find adventure? I laugh at cat pee and the kitchen floor needed mopping anyway. I actually don't laugh at cat pee, Pheeeeeeew!


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