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Monday, April 17, 2006

Zen Koan and Home Repair

Today is a new day. Were is that air conditioning man? I just took George out and it’s cooler outside then in the house. I’ve got windows open and fans on, but it’s supposed to 92F/33.3C today. That’s one of the reasons I gave George a bath yesterday. I figured it would cool him off somewhat. I think it just steamed him up more from being mad about the bath and brushing.

I found out what a zen koan (Cohen) was yesterday. The question was:

Can one work at being a successful slacker?

My answer:

To obtain enlightenment, one must merely be.
I am slackdom, so I embrace my inner self.
Therefore, doubling my efforts to be myself is obtainable by doing nothing.

The never-ending question of, is being lazy work or do you work at being lazy. Can such a thing be?

However, as much as I strive to attain the perfection of slackdom it is not to be.

A water pipe burst in our main bathroom and soaked the hallway and small parts of the bedrooms. I’ve been working all morning getting the water up. We are waiting on the part to fix the air conditioning so I’m kind of happy it’s out. The oppressive heat will help dry the carpet out quicker.

I have a home carpet steam cleaner that I’ve been picking up the water with. The count now is 45 fill buckets emptied. I used every towel we have and now every towel is washed and bleached. The dryer is filled right now so I'm waiting for those to get done and then put some more in.

Optimism - that's what I'm looking at today. With the AC out it will help dry out the carpet quicker. I found the leak and it was to a small hot water heater installed years ago in the main BR. Luckily it has a cut off valve on it so; I cut that off and turned back on the main water.

I'm actually feeling blessed with having no AC now and the day is looking up.

However, my search for the perfect lazy day is not to be - today.

Many strive, but few obtain.


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