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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anticipating Arrival

Not much going on today. I’m waiting for relatives to show up. They were supposed to show up yesterday, then last night and now I don’t know when. This is sort of SOP for them. They’ll give you a date and time, but over the years I’ve learned to know they’re finally here, when they’re here.

What’s going on here? My grass is turning a nice shade of brown. I went into the backyard yesterday and just had to laugh. My neighbor has one of those automatic sprinkler systems. His lawn gets watered every night. Once I get some more batteries I’ll take a picture, but it looks like a straight line drawn between our lawns. My beautiful brown lawn and his ugly green lawn. I’ve just never seen the sense in wasting water to have a green lawn. Whenever I hear of drought conditions around the country and world, it just doesn’t seem right to me to waste water to keep the lawn green. But I should say that since I hate to mow the lawn so much, this plays a big part in my decision not to water.

So today is one of anticipation. I’m waiting for the relatives to show up and George to start a bark fest. I’m sure after a couple of days I’m going to be pretty frazzled. I guess I look at this as a good thing. It will get things moving around here and shake things up a bit. Plus I worry about George. If he doesn’t use those little vocal cords of his, he might forget how to bark. Yeah, I wish.


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