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Friday, July 28, 2006

Off To The Races

It’s a madhouse here today. I usually have some peaceful time in the morning before everybody gets up and starts stirring around, not today though.

FMom was up a little after I was and she’s on the warpath. Awhile back she told a s-I-l that she woke up tired in the mornings. The s-I-l told her to get some Mountain Dew because it had a lot of caffeine in it. So she did and now FMom is a Mountain Dew addict. She has to have that first thing in the morning. Well she went to get one this morning and one of the visiting relatives drank the last one last night. So she knocking at my door and tells me about it and I go to the refrigerator and look and there’s none there. She asks me can I go and get some and I tell her it’s not even 6:00 am and there’s nothing open yet. Remember we live in a small town. So I get a shower and get dressed and I’m at the store at 6:00 am and I purchase her drinks and stuff we need for the house.

This morning when I get back the whole family is up and in a flutter. A relative decides she will cook pancakes this morning and I hear her complaining of how the kitchen is a mess. Usually when I cook and make dinner I put everything in the sink to soak that night and start cleaning everything in the morning. I didn’t mention that they’re usually dead asleep at this time and I have time to get the house cleaned.

I found out this morning also that I have two brothers coming in today and FMom is using her code language again to tell me what needs to be done around the house.

Well it’s off to the races. Oh for a slackerly day.


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