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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Am The Goat!

I got the pond done with the weedeating yesterday and fought snakes and insufferable heat. I can’t believe I kept going back because even though it’s not a large area, about 5 minutes at a time is all I could take. Plus between the one snake I saw and the many little limbs I thought were snakes, I had enough scares. Today I have to figure out how to fix the lawnmower. I don’t know where the energy is coming from lately, but I need to take advantage of it while it’s there.

IVG left me a word in the café yesterday - pamplemousse. He said it had nothing to do with dessert or hair care products. As usual I ended up googling everywhere and I did my research.

Sorbet au Pamplemousse might be of interest.
Pamplemousses which is a district of Mauritius which is an island country in the southwest Indian Ocean.
Monsieur Pamplemousse Rests His Case, a novel.
Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse Cologne for Men by Creed
Pamplemousse Restaurant Las Vegas
Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens
Pamplemousse : Beatport : Access Dance Music
Pamplemousse Rose Body Lotion (pink grapefruit)
Pamplemousse – From the Urban Dictionary:
Why, yes, it's an insult to call someone a grapefruit, in French.
"OMFG! Way to go, ya fu**in pamplemousssssssssse!!"
Pamplemousse – A 1999 Musical Comedy. Plot Outline: A bossa nove-esque meditation on grapefruit in the frozen northern tundra.

So since I'm still not sure what it means here's a welcome sign.
And since I don't have a pineapple statute for outside. I set a can of this on the front porch.

It's amazing how as you grow older, you finally realize how much you don't know.

Now to something different. Olivia asked me yesterday if I kept a helmet on this blog. I've gotten into the habit of if I say something wrong, I say I'm going to put on my helmet. Well Olivia, just for you.

And since I know I'm dealing with a hockey fan.

Finally Boran asked me why didn't I get a goat for the lawn.
Boran, I am the goat, and an old one at that.
Self portrait. :-)


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