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Friday, July 07, 2006


I had one of my sleepless nights and was watching TV at 4:00 am. I hate this time for TV, nothing but infomercials, old news and old movies. I got to thinking about the infomercials and when I first came back from Europe. I had been gone for five years and had never seen an infomercial. They have a real doctor tell me how I can loose weight and someone else saying I can make a million dollars and not spend a penny of my money. Of course I’m not that stupid and finally saw that the only people making money were the ones putting up the infomercials. What I couldn’t understand were the people who would buy into these things. I mean if it was that easy, would I be seeing the same people pushing the same thing year after year. Wouldn’t I be seeing skinny millionaires around everywhere?

The same thought hit me with news. Do I believe everything I see or hear as news? No. Do I believe everything I read on news site, blogs or newspapers? No. I believe everyone has an agenda and they will push that agenda toward whichever end they want. There is news and that’s becoming rare. It’s more opinion news now of days. I’ll give you a fact and start telling you my opinion and presents that as news. People take this as news and never question.

Sometimes I wonder if infomercials and opi-news are not the same. If not being told an outright lie, then the facts are jumbled and given to you. You can take any facts and make them come out the way you want. Most of us know that outright lies are told to you on the TV many times a day. But news was supposed to be above this. “Just the facts, nothing but the facts.” Sadly to say it’s not that way. So what do I do? I take the facts I know and then knit together my own news. I don’t take all statements as the truth. I wait until I have gathered together all the information I can and then decide.

As I said, I don’t believe everything I read, hear, or for that matter, see. I guess it says something for human kind that you always have to be on your guard. I guess I’ve also grown cynical in my old age. But is the truth in our personal lives and the way we deal with people so hard to do? Is the truth such a cheap commodity that it can be thrown to the side and a new truth bought when it’s needed.

People do have their own agendas and everyone see truth in their own way. However, I always have and still am amazed that lying is so prevalent that’s it’s an accepted way of life. Truth is so easy to do; I just don’t understand why people can’t do it.


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