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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Busy Day

I’ve got a lot happening today. I’m still working on my relative’s computer. It took me about an hour to delete one program last night. I told them last night if worse comes to worse, I’d take the original disks that came with their computer and reformat their hard drive. They don’t have anything important on it and I’ve already backed up all their important stuff on disc.

I’ve also got the café to host at Booman Tribune, and today, yes today; I get to use the new ice cream maker. Yeee Haw! I decided by early evening I’d be so sated with ice cream I won’t want anymore until maybe late tonight or at the latest tomorrow.

So between computers, ice cream and the normal stuff I have to do, I anticipate a busy day.

I hope everyone else has a most slackerly day.


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