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Friday, June 30, 2006

Ice Cream Madness and Travel

More ice cream experimenting today. The first batch yesterday didn’t turn out, as I wanted. Oh I ate it all and I’ll tell you, I know what past scientist went through. I’ll hit on the right mixture and cooking temperature soon I hope, but until then; I’ll have to keep eating my failures. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. It’s only ice cream, but it’s not. I’m looking at it as the ice cream that will save the world. Soon everybody will be eating FM’s ice cream and all the worries of the world will melt away.

OK I know it’s a little overboard, but it’s a nice thought.

In other news, the relatives left last night. They always travel at night. Some people don’t like to do that, but when I used to do most of my long driving I would always leave at night. When my girls were small I found that was the best way to travel. The first hour or two into the trip they would sleep the rest of the way, plus not as much traffic. I went through Houston a couple of time during rush hour and that convinced me I didn’t want to be stuck in traffic when my girls were awake. You ever have a six year old tell you she has to go to the bathroom right now, right now, and you’re in a traffic jam. It’s not a pretty picture. So I made it a point to hit the big cities in the middle of the night when there was little to no traffic. I felt that fit into my slackerly mode very well. As I’ve said before, a little time in planning will produce loads of time in slacking.

Well it’s off to the ice cream laboratory (my kitchen) to try a new batch. I figure after I hit it big, that I’ll name a flavor after everyone that comes to visit. However, there are many gallons to go before that happens.


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