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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Driving, Waiting, Driving

It’s off to the doctor today, so I won’t be around just about all day. It’s another trip to the neurologist. It will be a long drive, bad roads, a long wait and 10 minutes in the office. I almost wished I could just call in the visit to him. I’m figuring he’ll say we need to go with another Occipital Nerve Block, which is OK, because with the last one the anticipation of it was worse than the procedure. I don’t know though, for some reason having a needle poked into the back of your head has never been appealing to me.

I get to experience a little family hospitality when I go to my appointment. My brother lives up there and I can drop by and mess his house up a little.

So everyone have a good day and I’ll see ya later.


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