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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Sister’s Ring

To my Mother and Father were born six children, two girls the oldest and four boys the youngest. A 20-year span stretches between the first birth and the last. Except for one child there was always an older sibling. My oldest sister as with most ‘oldest’ children, took on and was given a lot of responsibilities in raising us younger ones. She never stopped that as long as she lived.

As in any large family there are stories we remember about each other. For my eldest sister there are many. She was one of those people that had a glorious temper, but just as swiftly and overwhelming as her temper could be, so was her ability for kindness and love. She was the one that liked to plan the family gatherings and to make sure the family farmhouse was just right for each one. We all call FMom at least once a day, but she would call her three or four times a day. Although nothing had changed much in their day between calls, she would call to let her know she was there and that she loved her.

Yesterday I took a trip into town with FMom. As we were driving along the sunlight was streaming into the car and FMom told me, “She’s talking to me.” I looked over at FMom who has a ring on her finger that belonged to my sister. In the ring are tiny diamonds that sparkled in the sunlight. FMom said a couple of times; “She’s talking to me very strongly today.” When FMom first told me of the ring, I tried to tell her, no you’re sitting by the lamp or the sunlight is directly on the ring at the moment. But FMom would insist, “She’s talking to me.”

My sister passed away awhile back, but Fmom wears the ring everyday. My sister’s passing was sudden and surprising and it hit us all very hard, but none harder than FMom. I know better than to think a sparkling ring is my sister talking to us, but it really is. We never forget those who are gone and we shouldn’t dwell on their passing to the point of ignoring everything else. But I’ve come to know that my sister’s ring brings back cherished memories to my Mom and that the ring is talking to her, as now it does to me.


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