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Monday, October 09, 2006

Global Warming?

This house is a mess! I’ve got to get off my lazy back end and do some stuff today. Fmom is feeling better and my back is better so I guess things are looking up for a change. We had family over this weekend to see how Fmom and I are doing and that made both of us feel pretty good. However, when they leave the house is in a worse mess than it was.

I thought I would put in a picture in of the pond today. I’ve drawn a white line where the water usually is and this shows how much the pond has gone down this summer. The oddest thing is down in the pond where the grass is growing, one of my neighbors was mowing it down there this weekend. Fmom says this is the lowest she has seen it in 30 years, so I’m wondering of global warming is hitting my little pond.

Click for a larger image.

I hope everyone’s day and week will be a good one!


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