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Friday, September 29, 2006

A Few More Pictures

Today I’ve got to take FMom to see the doctor. The hard part will be getting her ready, getting her there and back. I think this appointment will be interesting because Fmom is getting very tired of hurting all the time and if the doctor gives her any wrong answers, I’m afraid she’ll let loose. Anyway I’m just going to sit back and keep my mouth shut. Well I might throw in a “What she said!” every now and then. :)

I haven’t taken many pictures lately, but here’s a couple I took yesterday.

George in Backyard
Click to enlarge

Cat on Patio

Thought I'd throw in a picture of the Summer Cabin.


FMom and I just got back from the doctor. He answered all the questions right and FMom didn't let loose. He and his assistant were very congenial and the doctor and I talked three time longer about the history of this area than his exam of FMom. The town/city we went to was first settled by the French. It has a lot of history there and some really fine antebellum homes.

So at the moment FMom's shoulder is killing her and my back is killing me. I told her together we might make one whole person. :~)


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