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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Saga Continues.

We made it home yesterday afternoon. I only got lost once in Memphis where the road construction threw me off and we were headed toward Jackson, MS instead of Tupelo, MS. Luckily I noticed right away and asked for directions. We had to cut across a highway that had no red lights, and I think it saved us some time because, we missed all the usual red lights we would have encountered coming out of Memphis. I used to be so much better about not getting lost. I think old age is catching up with me.

Fmom did all right on the trip. The hardest part was getting her out of the motel to the car. She had taken one of her pain pills before we left and the relatives and I got her down the three floors and into the car. Once we started riding, the roads were pretty rough and as soon as I could I had to give Fmom another does of her pain medicine. She had been taking one, but the instructions say she can take two and since she was hurting so much she took two. When she wasn’t dozing she was as funny as could be from the effects of the medicine. We had one trucker in Memphis who cut us off and I had to hit the brakes. Fmom was muttering what a stupid ass the guy was and how going by she was going to give him the bird. This is from a woman who is prim and proper and allows no profanity in her house. I had to talk her out of that, but it was kind of hard since I was laughing so much. Then during the trip, the brothers and sister would be calling and when they would ask how she felt, she would say, “All right except I’m drunk as a skunk.” Luckily though, Fmom dozed pretty much of the trip.

We get home and I get her into the house and settled in. Now I’ll just have to start getting her ready today for the trip to the doctor tomorrow. I think the pain medicine had made her forget how bad the fracture is and she said she might wait on seeing the doctor Monday morning. I put my foot down and explained about contractures and how her arm would freeze in place if we didn’t get her right away to the doctor and start treatment and PT. My sister came over and started giving her hell about even thinking about not going. So I think she sees we’re not going to let this one rest.

I don’t think I’ve told of it earlier, but in 1984 I fell off a bicycle and had the exact same fracture Fmom does, except it was on my left shoulder. That’s another story I’ll have to tell one day. The treatment I got was not good. Actually, I just remembered I told a snippet of it over at KB’s place about turning up the electrical stimulation pads on high during my PT. It was very painful and not pretty. So I know what Fmom is going through and I know how painful and how long it will take to finally get over this.

I don’t think I’ll have to worry about getting Fmom to the doctor. The ER doctor only gave her a small amount of medicine for pain and once that runs out and her shoulder is hurting really bad, she’ll be happy to go.

I’ve got her planted in the recliner because laying down hurts so much and I have everything she needs by her. Years ago when she had been sick a brother went to Radio Shack and bought two intercoms you plug into the electrical outlets. So I got those, hooked them up and she can call me in my room whenever she needs anything. I guess it’s the electronic age’s equivalent to ringing a bell.

Anyway the saga of Fmom and FM continues.


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