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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Will Be

Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment with the Neurologist. To most people it’s just jump in the car and either drive a few minutes or across town and you’re there. For me it’s preparation. I wrote earlier about trouble with the car battery. Well today I had to get a new battery and install that. All went well this time. This is how my day will go.

I have to get my Sunday Go To Meeting clothes ready. Not that I wear them that much, but I do have to beat the dust off, maybe do a little ironing. Now I’m ready to walk out the door. I forgot to take George out and feed Tom and Cat. Go back in and get all that done. I’m ready now, but I forgot that I needed to put gas in the car, so it’s downtown to put gas in the car.

Car is gassed up and now for the 2 hour drive into B’ham for the doctor’s appointment. I know the route pretty well now, but I always miss my turn off. Whether its too much traffic or just subconsciously I don’t want to get to the appointment, I don’t know.

So I get to the right place, find a parking place and make it in anywhere from 30-45 minutes early. I hate to be late for an appointment. At this place you check in and they give you this little round thing with lights on it. Instead of someone calling you, this thing lights up and starts vibrating. Yes Laura I know. :) Anyway when it starts it’s thing, you get up go to the desk and the nurse escorts you back. After that it’s the normal thing of checking in, wait, wait and wait. The Doctor flies in asks you some question, how’s it been going, that didn’t work huh, OK lets try this and see you in 3 months. So far, I’ve spent the entire morning of preparation, driving and waiting for 15 minutes with the Doctor. But this isn’t all. I’ve got to maneuver out of the city and drive another 2 hours to get home.

As soon as I pull up to my street, I know when I walk in FMom will want to know what the Doctor said. George will be so happy to see me, he’ll be using me as a trampoline for at least 15 minutes and Cat will get in there somewhere.

I already know that the Doctor will probably recommend another Occipital Nerve Block and that will have to be scheduled for later. It just seems it would be easier if I could call and go through the whole 15 minutes on the phone. It would have the same outcome and save me all the hassle.


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