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Monday, August 21, 2006

Short Vids and Snakes

FARfetched mentioned something yesterday that I hadn’t even thought of. Using the video mode on my camera for a few short vids and seeing how that works. I think it’s a great idea and I had one of the Duh moments for not thinking of it earlier.

I had been looking for a free panorama or stitch program because I wanted to show the whole pond out back. Now I’m thinking with the vid mode I might be able to do that. Now the big decision is whether I want to show the whole back yard with George doing his business while panning by or just the pond. I think it will just be the pond though. Some things are just too much even for dog lovers.

On to something new and a short rant. I hate snake movies! That snake in the jetliner movie is at number 1 and it seems every channel on TV is putting something on about snakes. Yesterday there was nothing but snake horror movies on sci-fi. Yeah that another rant about calling a channel sci-fi and showing horror movies all the time, but I digress. Even on the hallowed airwaves of the education channel they had snakes. Is no place sacred? I usually flip through channels all the time, but to flip from one snake to another snake to even another snake is too much! It’s bad enough to have to put up with them when I got down by the pond, but on my TV all the time. That’s just too much.

OK monthly rant is over. I must be getting better at this because they started out as quarterly rants.

Added: OK here it is and I'm really not satisfied with it, but I decided to throw something up. The next experiment will be taking the shot with a camcorder instead of a camera vid. I'm sure the quality will be greatly imporved.

Forgot to add that this was taken at dawn without a tripod. OK that's all.


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