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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Geese and Cat

Yesterday in our small pond we had about 25 geese/ducks (I don’t know) dropped by for a little while. I got my camera and took some pictures, but as you can see they didn’t come out that well. FMom told me in years past that she had seen hundreds of geese out in the pond at one time. She has been here for over 35 years so I’m sure she has seen her share.

Click to enlarge.

I’m a little worried about Cat today. She came in not using her right paw at all. She doesn’t seem to be in any distress, but she won’t put any weight on that right paw. I felt all over the paw and didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary and she didn’t flinch during my exam, but she still won’t put any weight on it. Our vet is gone until Monday and if this keeps up I’ll take her in Monday morning.

Added: Since I've finally learned how to do a youtube embed, I saw this one and thought about conservations on geezers. Hope I can be this geezerly when I get his age.


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