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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Picture Sunday

It's a picture Sunday. I've got to start getting all my pictures I have together on disc and see what I have. I used to have all of them on my old computer before it crashed. Thankfully just about all of them were backed up. These are just a few of new and old. Enjoy.

Tom on the prowl.

A little bit older picture of the pond, but I like the reflections.

Click for larger image.

This is Neuschwanstein Castle on the top. I visited there a couple of time and one time while walking down to the village I took the picture on the bottom. Wished I'd had a better camera back then.

Click for larger image

Hope everyone has a good day. Be seeing ya.

I forgot to add I had a great surpirse yesterday. With all the family here I get so caught up in the running back and forth for them, but yesterday my youngest brother surpirsed me. While sitting at the computer I look out the window and he's weedeating the curb in front of the house. Now this isn't a small job, it's about 234 feet (71.3 meters). I went outside while he was doing it and thanked him. I told him while he was in the mood, the siding on the house needed to be washed and there is still weed eating to be done out by the pond, and........

For some reason I feel extremely lucky he did the curb.


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