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Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Done For Awhile

OK I think I've gone as far as I can with the newest new blog. At least I've gone through every line and changed something. I really do like this newest format instead of the first new blog I did. If you get a chance drop by and take a look.

It's Raining Here Too

What I want to do is incorporate what I have there into this blog. I like the 3 column format a lot better and there seems so much more space with a lot more places to put things. So many places in fact I'm trying to figure out what to put. I'll be deleting the first new blog today. I did save everyones comments though.

I read a comment about people who post on blogs some while back. The commenter was saying the only reason people posted on blogs was to be read. I tend to agree and disagree. I would be just as happy posting a diary with one word in it as long as I got comments. I've said before that the comments mean more to me than seeing a site meter with numbers on it. Sure everyone likes to hear that was a great diary, very incisive, very cutting, three pats on the back work such a scholarly work. Well I'm none of that, but I do like to hear from people.

To everyone that has dropped by and made comments, thank you.


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