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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Played by a Cat

After all my planning for the lawn this morning, I got side tracked. Darn it! As soon as I went into the kitchen this morning, Cat was standing by the door, and I thought that’s good. I let her out and go about my business.

Well I get ready to go out to do the lawn and walk into the den. The smell hits me and I start cursing. No wonder she wanted out first thing. She knew she was in trouble. So instead of mowing the lawn, I find where she decided to go and start cleaning the entire den. I had been needing to give it a deep cleaning, but had been putting it off. So the entire den is now spotless and smelling of spring flowers.

Cat on the other hand is outside at the moment and will probably stay out for awhile. I had been worrying about Cat’s paw. She’s now putting weight on it. When I took George out, Cat walks up to me on all fours and I start fussing at her. I know she doesn’t realize what I’m mad about, but she looks at me, turns around and starts walking with her right paw held up again. She is limping badly now that I’ve fussed at her. Once I get back inside, I look outside and see her walking on all fours again.

That damn cat has been playing me!


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