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Friday, August 18, 2006

Sundry Things

I finally got my wireless router yesterday and had the whole thing up and running in about five minutes. First thing I did was go into the den and start blogging. I have to admit it was very cool, but as with anything there are problems.

First, I disabled my left/right buttons on my touch pad. I remember doing it, don’t know why, and now can’t remember how to enable them. I’ve been going through all the F1 help and everything else, but no go so far. I hooked up a wireless keyboard and mouse a long time ago and I think the drivers are in conflict. I’ll just have to dig more.

Second, I’m not used to the laptop keyboard. I know that’s not a problem and that I’ll learn, but it is such a hassle to cut and paste, and the touch pad seems so slow. I know I can fix that and again it just getting used to it.

Now on to more, er, sundry things. Yesterday morning when I entered the bathroom, I saw the relatives had put a second new toilet seat by the first one. Kind of frightening really. I’m wondering why their minds are on or in the toilet lately. I’m waiting to install said toilet seats because I want the excitement to build. Yesterday when I went into the city, I bought a cake. I think I’ll save that for the installation of the thrones. Who said there’s never anything exciting going on around here?

Today it’s cleaning the house and the lawn again. It’s amazing how messed up the house can get with the relatives here. For the lawn, we’ve had just enough rain for the grass to keep growing. One good note, the gas tank on the lawnmower had a leak and I did fixed that. Being on fire and running screaming through the yard didn’t appeal to me, so I doffed my slackerly ways and did some work. Again what would have taken anyone else five minutes to do, took me over an hour, but it’s done and my lawnmower awaits.

Have a good day to all.


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