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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Filamentous Outgrowth

Well it looks like after threatening to show up for the last week, the relatives will be here today, at least that’s the opinion of FMom. So today it’s off to the city to get groceries and stock up the pantry again. I got to get a lot of stuff done in the city. One is I’m looking so shaggy now I need to get a, oops wait can’t say that word. In deference to the squeamish about clippings, I need to see a coiffeur to have the filamentous outgrowth on my head coiffed. See I didn’t say haircut.

I remember back in my early 20’s when I let the hair really grow what a hassle it was. Plus all the extra stuff you have to buy just for long hair. Plus-plus there’s not to many old men who look cool with long hair. Plus-plus-plus it just doesn’t fit in with a slackerly life style. I figure first thing in the morning if you spend more than a few minutes combing your hair, then you’ve started off your day non-slackerly. I could go the opposite direction and shave my head, but I feel that’s pretty non-slackerly also. I hate to shave every morning as it is, so I can’t see prolonging the whole experience that much longer. So today I’ll try to get coiffed, otherwise it could be this.

Cat and George are still asleep, so I’ll see this morning how Cat’s paw is doing and then try and force down the kitty Advil the vet gave me. I think Cat is starting to get used to me picking her up and carrying her outside. I can’t keep that up.

Other than that I see a non-slackerly day ahead.


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