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Saturday, August 12, 2006

UN Top Ten Under Reported Stories

As most of you know, I’m a member of Booman Tribune. I mostly stay in the café and don’t venture out too much to the main page or diaries. One thing I saw there is the community effort started in May of 2005 by susanhu and sprearheaded this year by Man Eegee for diaries on the UN top 10 underreported stories. I saw the community come together in this and was very proud of the effort each person put into these diaries. As with most diaries they will scroll off the page sooner or later and I hate to see this happen. I feel these are important diaries that should be kept for a long while.

So I’m cross posting from Booman’s and I hope he or the diarists don’t mind.

As with any blog, this diary will scroll off too, but I'm adding a link on the left side under blog roll to bring you back to this diary, and to where it will be more visible.

Added: I use foxfire as a browser, but I took at look at this site in IE. The whole site seems thrown off and everything is to the right. It looks fine to me in foxfire. If anyone has any suggestions or the know how in how to fix this for IE, I would appreciate it.


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