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Monday, August 14, 2006


I took Cat to the vet this morning and he couldn’t find any puncture wounds on her leg or paw. He did say there was a swollen spot on her paw and that’s the reason she wasn’t putting any weight on it. He ended up prescribing a kitty Advil for her. He said it would take care of the swelling and pain, and if it got any worse to call him.

You can see on her right front paw she's hold it up.

To a lot of people, their pets are more like children. I’ve always thought when you took a pet that you took also the responsibilities that go along with having a life in your care. Of course I don’t like the vet bill, but I was happy it was nothing serious. Cat, just as George and Tom, is part of the family. You don't shirk your responsibilities to the family, or for that matter, anything that's in pain.


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