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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Yesterday morning one of the things I had to do was drop FMom off at the beauty shop to have her hair done. Since I walked her in, I asked the girl there if she had time to do a haircut (sorry Olivia). She said yes, so I sat with FMom and waited. The reason I’m writing about this is because I saw the cutest thing and it bought back some memories.

There was a little boy about 4 years old getting his hair cut. I could see that if this wasn’t his first, it was near it. His grandfather had bought him in and was sitting near giving him encouragement and telling him how good he was doing. It reminded me of how much the town had changed since I was a kid. Back then we had one Barber Shop. Always all the men in town would go there for their haircuts. Be it the Banker, Farmer or college student, you would meet them sooner or later at the Barber Shop. I can remember when I was older seeing young fathers bringing their sons in for their first hair cut. Some little boys would be stoic and sit as quietly as possible and some would cry during the whole thing. The barber was an old hand at this, and would always somehow even give the most squirming of boys’ produce a good hair cut. What I remember was the range of emotions each parent would go through.

I can remember seeing new parents and grandparents almost coming to tears seeing how distraught their child was from getting a hair cut. I can also remember how proud and beaming some were when their child would sit there and be brave. Mostly I can remember the barber and how he treated each child. From the ones moving constantly to the ones about to cry, he knew how to treat each child to where at the end of the haircut they would be smiling. Plus a lollipop at the end helped. I realized later that obviously it made his job easier to not have the child fearing coming back, but I think more it was just the man’s personality. I also realized that this was a life’s moment that child and adult would never forget.

Our Barber had left years ago and now there are a couple of beauty shops in town. The way I saw how the town has changed is within the beauty shop. Today while Miss Emma is getting her hair done, a good old boy will bring his Grandson in for a haircut. Maybe waiting will be a college student who has spiked purple hair. It’s not that unusual to see in my town.

This brings me back to the little boy getting his hair cut. His Grandfather was a farmer in his work clothes, a good old boy and probably what’s called a red neck. But he was sitting in a beauty shop murmuring words of encouragement to his Grandson. His Grandson and been a brave boy and at the end the Grandfather reminded the beautician to spike up his hair like his Grandson had said he had wanted it. The beautician did so, and the little boy with his hair like that actually reminded me of a child actor from a while back. When it was all done, the little boy was as proud as could be and the Grandfather beaming. They left with the Grandfather saying they had to go and show Uncle so and so his new hair cut. Uncle so and so would have a fit when he saw it. They both left laughing.

My little town has changed since I was a kid, and I think the changes are very good.


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