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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Poor George

With everything going on yesterday I squeezed in going and getting George and Cat from the vets. I told them to let me get cat first because she would have to be in the carry case and then I would get George. I could hear Cat start to meow as she always does when put in the cage, but I could also hear George whining very loudly when he heard Cat being taken away. The vet assistant told me George was standing on his hind legs and moving his front paws up and down and she thought that was cute. I told her he has done that since he was a puppy and when he really wants something he always does that. I figured he felt he would be all alone in the kennel without Cat and he was starting to worry when she was taken out. He was whining the entire time until the vet assistant came through the door with him and he saw me. Since the assistant was hold George in her arms, we averted a peeing on the floor situation, but as soon as we got outside he let it go.

Later that day the vet’s office called and said they had forgotten to clip his dewclaws and could I drop him back by that afternoon. Well George isn’t stupid, but sometimes he gets really excited and forgets things. I go out into the carport and open the door to the car and George jumps in. I close the door and George is standing on his hind legs and looking out the window. I swear he had a look on his face that says, “Oh sh**, I screwed up!” I go around the get in the car and George is trying his best to get out. I’ve never heard George howl, but that’s the closest he’s ever come to it. He put up a deafening whine all the way to the vets and he was shaking and trembling something awful.

I get him to the vets and they’re done in about 2 minutes and George is still trembling all the way home. He comes in the house and goes straight to my room and plants himself in his usual sleeping spot. Except for when he is about to bust I can’t get him up to go outside. Needless to say, I know he won’t want to go for a ride for a long time.

Added: I forgot to add that George finally got a professional hair cut. FMom says he looks like a big rat now, but that's OK, it's still George.

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