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Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Little Excitement.

Who says there no excitement in a small town? This weekend we had a little bit. In the city about 35 miles away from here there was a drive by shooting. The police found the car and a chase started. They chased him all the way to my town. Now in my town the highway comes to a dead end and there is a red light. You either go left or right depending on where you want to go. Well this guy didn’t know this. He plows through the red light, hits part of the barbque place and keeps going into the dollar store. He was going so fast that he went half way into the dollar store and from what he hit started a fire. It seems the police car was right behind him. The local police had been notified of the chase and they were there and got both the chasee and chaser out of their cars, before the fire got too bad. Both only had some cuts and bruises and were released from the hospital. The dollar store is gone though, and the police car and the guys cars were burned up.

Who says you have to watch the chases in the big cities? Just sit by the red lights here, and you’ll see something happen sooner or later.


If you look to the left, you'll see a small hill. I don't know if he went flying into the side of the building or the roof.

A little closer look.

A straight on look at what's left.


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