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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sort Of On and Sort Of Off

Third re-start!

How's everyone doing? I'm as the title says, sort of on and sort of off. I dug out a very old tower computer I have (second one I ever bought) and I got it running with an Umbuntu disc. If I'm lucky I'll get through this paragraph without the computer freezing up. It takes about 20 minutes to just get this old computer to boot up. I'm still waiting for a call from the people reparing my computer to find out if they can fix it and how much it will cost. If it's too expensive, I'll just have to get by with this one for awhile. The biggest problem is I can't save anything, so if it freezes up and I loose this, I have to start from the beginning again.

Both FMom and I are doing fairly well so far. We've had my brother, sil, and three of thier grandchildren here for the last two and a half weeks. I am so ready for some peace and quiet. I know FMom is too. I think once the kids leave, I'm going to need a front end loader to clean up the mess they've left. Since they've been here, neither of their grandparents will make them pick up after themselves, so one of the reasons I got this computer to work is so I can get the kids to some stuff around here. I made up a rule that if they wanted to use the computer they had to do some chores first. The were dying to get on the computer to get in touch with their friends, so it was pretty easy to have them to do a little cleaning.

Well before the computer freezes up again, I'll close. I do hope everyone is doing fine and that where ever you are the heat isn't as oppresive as here.

Take care


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