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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Yard Again And Some Catching Up.

It’s no secret I hate doing the lawn. I don’t hate lawns especially, but I hate to be the one mowing and weed eating. What makes it even worse is I have my brother’s riding lawnmower and there really isn’t that much exertion during mowing. Nope I’d like a house set back very far from the road and have a beautiful lawn and gardens coming up to the house. As I said, someone else would have to keep it up, because left to me I’d let it go back to nature.

Well you know how sometimes there is something you really hate doing and you finally get tough with yourself and you say come hell or high water I’m going to get it done today. Well guess what. That didn’t work for me today. Hah! Actually I did do the lawn, but no weed eating. I’m really kind of surprised at myself that I did get it done. Of course I did pay for it with my back. I haven’t talked too much about it lately, but last week I had a procedure done where they deadened some nerves and then microwaved them. The doctor said the first month might be kind of bad with the pain, but after that it should be fine for a good while. So I’m just getting through this first month.

Fmom seems to keep getting better. Her asthma kicks up from time to time, but nothing like it was before. George is doing pretty well for an old man. I figured it up and in human years he’s in his 80’s. We lost Cat about two months ago. I had put her out and she never came back. I don’t know if something or someone got her, but she never strayed far from the house. I searched all over the neighborhood and town, but no sign of her. We still have Tom outside. I guess he’s like the neighborhood cat, but he uses us as his home base.

Other than all of that, I’m getting ready for a very hot summer, and thanking the FSM for the people who invented air conditioning.

Hope everyone is doing fine.


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