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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Day of Tests and Doctors.

Today was a day of tests for Fmom and myself and a doctor appointment for Fmom. We left the house a little after 7:00 am and didn’t get back to almost 3:00 pm. It has been a long day for both of us.

To begin with I went to the wrong place for my test, but I finally found the right place. Since I didn’t want to leave Fmom in the car, I get to the place and get a wheel chair for her. It’s a long walk inside the building to where the test will be done. I hobble back out to the car and the closest place I can find to park is a long way away from where I have to go. Well it’s raining and I start limping back to where I have to go. I had to stop two times in the rain because my foot and leg started hurting so much. I finally get there and there was a short wait for my test.

I had an Arterial Ultra Sound done. They put blood pressure cuffs on my calves and thighs. Then they started doing the ultra sound. They started on my left leg and foot, and I could hear the ka shoos, ka shoos of the blood flowing. They then went to my right leg and foot. The ka shoos kept going until they got to my right foot (the one giving me so much trouble) and then you could barely hear the ka shoos. When they inflate the cuff on my right calf it hurts so badly, I almost come up off the table. When it’s finally over, I roll Fmom out to door and go to get the car. It’s the same having to stop on the way to the car, but I finally get there and get the car back to get Fmom. I go inside and one of the technicians who did the test is there. She said they had to do one more shot and then it would be through. So I leave the car in the drive through and no parking area, I leave Fmom in the wheelchair and limp all that way back to have then do something else. When the technician gets through, I ask her what did all the readings look like. She said the doctor would have to read all the stuff, but she said, “I can tell you, your right leg is much worse than your left leg.” I started laughing because I thought, well duh. She started laughing too and said, “I guess you didn’t need anyone to tell you that, did you?” So I finally get out of there at 9:15 am. Sometimes you luck out by going to an appointment early. My appointment wasn’t until 9:00 am, but we got there an hour early. They took me in early and we got through pretty fast.

Then it was on to Fmom’s tests and doctor’s appointment. We have over an hour and a half before her tests were scheduled, but we got there early and they do them shortly after we arrive. Now we have a lot of time (three and a half-hours) before her doctors appointment. It’s about a 30-40 minute drive back home, but we decided that an hour or so at the house and the gas we would have wasted wasn’t worth it. So we go and fill up the car and go to lunch at a Cracker Barrel. One of Fmom’s favorite places. When we’re through, we go back to the doctor’s office with about an hour and a half to wait. We wait two hours and finally get into see the doctor. He said the test that were run showed her heart was doing fine and that all she needed this time was a pneumonia shot. He said other than that; she’s doing fine. She gets the shot and we’re on the way home. On the way home, we had a continual chorus of saying, “God I can’t wait to get home.”

Lesson learned today is that on some appointments if you get there very early, you’ll get out early. Of course if it’s a doctor’s appointment, then all bets are off.


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