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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Farewell Mr. H.

I haven’t written from sadness for a long time, but I’m extremely sad today. On Saturday we called our plumber Mr. H. to come and fix a clog. He has helped Fmom long before I moved back and had always made time for us. He has always treated us very fairly and kindly, and he was always one of those people who were a joy to have around. He had his own small business and would bring along his kids and grand kids with him a lot of times. This morning when he came in Fmom and my brother had him sit down at the table to eat some breakfast and talk for awhile. I was asleep in my bedroom. He ate some and then got to work

I hear a pounding on my door, which brings me out of a sound sleep, and my brother is yelling at me that Mr. H. is having a heart attack. I get on the phone to 911, explain what is happening and where we are, and then go into where he is to try to get him as comfortable as possible. The 911 people were here in less than 5 minutes and they take over. They do everything they can do for him, but it’s no use.

I get Fmom to her room and she is very upset about what is happening. She kept asking what could she have done. I keep soothing her and telling her it was nothing anyone of us could have done.

Mr. H. was always in my opinion a very good man. He had worked hard all his life and passed down to his children those same ethics. I was thinking today that I was glad none of his children or grandchildren was with him today. It’s horrible to see your father or grandfather pass away in front of you.

I feel there’s a dark cloud hanging over our house. Not so much our house, but the community for someone who everyone knew and liked. It feels to me there will be one less nice person in the world and this nice person was of a high caliber.

Farewell Mr. H. I hope you are resting peacefully.

There's no need to write any comments of condolences or anything. The more I got to thinking of it, the more I though I wanted to just say good by to him.

To people who you've might have know as acquaintances over time, just give them an extra hello when you do see them. Things change so quickly before your eyes.


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