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Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad Weather!

We had some pretty bad weather last night. Tornadoes around, but none here, thank goodness. One thing that got me was a tornado touched down in a little town I used to live in. I told about the house I lived in here - My Old House.

This house is about two blocks away from the town’s school. When I looked on the Internet this is what I found:

Tornado did hit Caledonia High School. A bus is on its side on top of the school. Cars tossed in a nearby field. The old gym is damaged. (Amazing - this just shows the power of this storm). THERE ARE NO INJURIES and all children are safe. DO NOT GO TO THE SCHOOL. Emergency crews are on site and getting the students out safely. School is getting a head count, then children are being bussed to their homes.

I just found the first pictures of the damage and it shows the school bus.

We’ve been lucky in where I live now. There always seems to be tornadoes North or South of us, but none have hit here in a long time. Now in Caledonia and Columbus, MS where I used to live, there always seemed to be tornadoes and straight-line winds happening all the time. I lived in this area for about seven years and twice straight-line winds just destroyed the town.

I don’t know why, but it seems like some places always get the brunt of bad weather and others don’t. I’m just thankful no one was seriously hurt there.


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