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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Old House.

I’ve told the story of the dilapidated trailer I rented for a number of years after my divorce, but this is of the house of my dreams as Nancy was talking about the other day. It wasn’t actually the house of my dreams, but at that time it was as close as it came.

It had five rooms and a carport. There was a wash/dryer/work room off the carport. The living room, kitchen/dining room and master bedroom were large. A small guest bedroom, so as not to have people wanting to stay too long. There was a normal sized bathroom with linen closet. The house was on a corner and it had a medium back yard with two apple trees and an aluminum storage building.

I really did love that house. It was the perfect size for George, Henry and me. Small enough to keep clean and large enough not to feel cramped. It had a large plate glass window in the living room and I placed my recliner by it. I had vertical window blinds on the window, so I could look out and see everything, but people had a hard time looking in. There were windows everywhere, so I had more than enough light. The town was very small. Downtown was a block away and I could see all that was going on there from my recliner.

It’s hard to explain how the house was, because it had just about everything I wanted. It wasn’t luxury by any mean, but it was very comfortable and easy to take care of. I really do miss sitting in my recliner with George and Henry watching TV and looking out the plate glass window.

I’ll admit, I enjoyed living by myself. It seems to me that a lot of people can’t handle this. They have to have someone there. I’ve known people that rushed out and gotten remarried after death of a loved one or divorce just because they couldn’t take living alone. I look back and think how nice it was to just have myself to clean up after. To know that when I placed something somewhere, it would be there later. There are definite advantages to having people around, but there are also advantages to solitude.


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