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Saturday, December 01, 2007

A New Cat In Town.

There’s a new cat in town. It has decided to place itself outside of my window and meow. With Tom being the outside cat and Cat being the inside cat, I decided I can’t adopt anymore. I’ve seen it over at a neighbor’s house a good bit and I’m not sure if it’s theirs, but I haven’t noticed it before. Right now someone’s dog is howling and the cat is meowing loud.

I never have been a cat person although Cat and Tom are different to me. The other day I went out while the new cat was meowing and instead of running away it stood there and let it pet it. I already have Tom’s food outside and I don’t know if the new cat is eating that. I do know we have a neighborhood possum that drops by from time to time.

I’ll keep the cat food outside for Tom and if the new cat wants to eat it I guess it’s OK. The last time a new cat dropped by to sample Tom’s food, I saw Tom chasing it across the yard and down the road. I wonder if he’ll get along with this one? I do know I don’t want anymore catfights. The last one had me carrying Cat to the vet for an infected tail she got from a bite.

So I’ll sit back and listen to the meowing and hope that the new cat is the neighbor’s cat. If not, it does have food outside and the carport is warmer than the open. For some reason I beginning to feel like I’m uncaring, but I’m really not. I just can’t see taking on another cat with vet bills and all, plus George is starting to feel outnumbered.


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