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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Little Virus

It appears a virus has hit our house and Fmom and I have it. Thankfully Fmom doesn’t have it too bad, and what I have makes me so worn out that just taking care of Fmom feels like a monumental task. I don’t think I turned on the computer for two days, and really haven’t felt much like commenting when I have gone to my usual visits. I think I could take the malaise, but the (trying to be delicate here) regurgitating is really getting to me. If there’s anything I can be thankful for, it’s catching the virus now instead of around or on Thanksgiving. I’m hoping Fmom and I will be done with the stuff by then.

I haven’t forgotten ya’ll but I don’t think I’ll be posting for about a week, or until this is over.


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