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Sunday, November 04, 2007

That Damned Cat!

Cat is on my list now. She hasn’t done this in a long time, but I guess to get my attention while I was asleep, she decided to use my bed as a litter box. I woke up feeling something wet and thought I’m too old to be doing this, and I’m not in the geriatric group to where this would happen. I didn’t even know she was in my room last night. She must have sneaked in while I was up last night. While I’m struggling to wake up and find out what happened, Cat is sitting on the edge of the bed just staring at me. I figured out real fast what happened, and Cat is now an outside cat.

I’ve already got the bedding in it’s second wash and everything else cleaned up, but that’s one hell of a way to wake up in the morning. To say I’m mad this morning is an understatement!


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