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Monday, October 22, 2007

Pond Picture

We have a lot of yellow flowers/weeds growing around the pond. FMom told me they are Black Eyed Susans. You would know that the only places where they are cut back, and the growth is kept down, is my two next door neighbors. Since our part stuck out, Fmom wanted weed eating down there. My nephew did that last week for me, and I hoping the cold weather gets here before they grow back up. And no Andi, I haven't made it to the other side of the pond yet. :)

Click for larger image.

I'm still sending out good thoughts to Puget and hoping that Head is OK and maybe some rain will come his way. Hope everyone else has a good day.

Added: George scared the every living hell out of me this morning. He did his bidness and went to the carport. I walk down to the carport from the patio and he’s not there. I go out to the front lawn, back to the carport, back to the patio and around the house twice. I’m yelling his name and nothing. I grab the keys to the car and head down the road looking for him. I find him four houses down. I figured he’d taken after a dog or something he saw in the carport. He thinks he can tear up any animal around here, and he doesn’t know to look for cars going by on the street. Quite frankly he’s lucky to be alive right now. When he saw it was me in the car, he did come running and jumped in the open door. He had sort of a frightened/lost look on his face, and he got right next to me on the car seat and wouldn’t move. I started to give him hell about it, but didn’t. But he knows I’m not happy with him.


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