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Friday, October 19, 2007


Yesterday we had bad weather come through here, well sort of. Thunderstorms and bad weather have always frightened Fmom. She can’t sit in one place, and wants to get in the car and move. When the tornado warnings on the TV, and the siren downtown started going off, Fmom wanted to move. I had been tracking the storm on the computer and it kept saying it was South of us. Fmom was down in the den, up to where I was and down in the den. She did more moving in that time then I’ve seen her do in a week.

Once I started hearing thunder, I turned the computer off, and went and sat with Fmom. We still had one TV on, and were watching the news that was tracking the weather. She was reading the usual things they say to do when a tornado was near and one is if you’re out in the open, to get in a ditch. OK, we’ve got a tornado around here somewhere, and she wants to get in the car and go the other way, or go and lay in a ditch. I keep telling her everything is fine and we are safest here. Well it ended up that the storm was South of us and we only got a little sprinkle here.

We’ve been lucky around here, in that most tornadoes that touch down are out in non-populated areas. I do miss the days of when I was a kid though, and we had neighbors who had a storm cellar in back of their house. At least Fmom wasn’t pinging so much. However, I’ve got to look at it in a positive way. At least yesterday Fmom did get a good bit of exercise running back and forth in the house.

Added: I read this earlier, and I can add this on my growing list of reasons not to mow the lawn. Dangerous Mowing


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