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Friday, November 02, 2007

Our University.

I’m a prideful kid of guy. I’m proud of my county, all the people in it, my town and most especially the college in my town. Why am I prideful about it? Well just because it’s there. It was founded in 1832 as a Women’s Training College. It’s now a part of the Alabama University system. In my lifetime, it has gone through three name changes. From a teachers college, to now a university.

There are a lot of little towns throughout the Southeast, but I’ve always liked mine because of the college. We’ve had our problems as any little town, even southern towns would, but the college has always been here. It’s right in the middle of town, so there’s no missing it. I’ve always felt our college has made our town special. It has bought so many different people here. From the professors to the students there’s always something different that a normal little town wouldn’t see.

I remember back in the early 70’s we had an influx of students from the Northeast. Just about every one of them was of the hippie persuasion. Just about the entire town took to them from the beginning. The year they were seniors, the college annual had it usual section for the Greeks, but that years they added a section called Freaks and pictured all of them. We still have one living here who is a painter – houses and art. One year the city hired him to pain all the dumpsters in town. He painted all of them to where the whole town looked as if Peter Max had dropped by. Now those were the good old days. He’s a damned good artist too by the way.

I think the biggest thing the college has bought to our town is tolerance and understanding. I don’t know, maybe I’m living in my own little world, but I think the college has bought a lot to this little southern town. Plus it’s always fun to see what stupid things the new load of college students will do. [Insert smiley face]

Oh BTW, we’re finally getting a coffeehouse down by the college. I wonder how that will go?


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