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Monday, November 05, 2007

Judging Crazy.

Everyone has their favorite TV shows, but some I just can’t handle. Fmom has her daily routine of shows she’ll watch. I don’t know why, but she’s hooked on the Judge shows. Judge Judy, Judge Alex, Judge this and that. She’s gotten to the point of when the people walk into the court that she picks out who is guilty. Oddly enough she’s right most of the time. At least she’s right in who the Judge will pick.

I guess I’m a sheltered person because I never knew that Judges and courts were that way. I never thought a Judge would go off on the people and call them stupid and all sorts of other names. I guess that’s what makes these shows so popular. Seeing the Judge get angry and acting worse than the people being judged.

I will admit that I am amazed sometimes on how well these Judges catch people lying. But the biggest thing I can’t understand is why people would go on national TV to air their dirty laundry. I’ve seen parents sue their children and the other way around. I’ve seen people come in and say I’m the king or queen and I take what I want. I’m honestly amazed at some of these people and wonder how someone that stupid has gotten by for so long.

I’ve always known there are crazy people out there, but to parade how crazy you are on national TV is just beyond me. Then again, I guess the Judges take up the slack on acting crazy too. What people will do to get on TV.


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