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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Accidents Happen.

Well Fmom is all up in the air. Last night when she was going back to her room to go to bed, she was carrying a glass of water and her cell phone. She started to set down her water and somehow the cell phone dropped into the glass. She got it out right away, but when she bought it to me, it was dripping water from the inside. I opened it up and used canned air to blow it out, and told her that we would have to wait until it completely dried out to see if it still worked. I told her to lets give it a couple of days to let it dry.

Now she’s beating herself in the head for letting something happen like that. I keep telling her accidents happen, and although this one rates pretty high as a weird accident, that she shouldn’t beat herself up about it.

Of course you know I’m never going to let her forget this though.


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