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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Carport Cleaning.

To have the energy of the kids now of days. One of my nephews was here yesterday and Fmom was saying she going to get someone to come and clean out the carport. It’s packed with all sorts of stuff and I’ve been meaning to clean the spider webs and leaves out. Now my nephew might not know it, but I think this is a lie. She hasn’t mentioned a thing to me about it. So my nephew told her not to even think about something like that. He just happened to have his pressure washer in back of his truck along with his leaf blower. He moves everything out of the carport, which is a lot of stuff, and blows the leaves out and then pressure washes it. He’s out there for over an hour and I’m thinking he’s really doing a job on the carport. I go out and see he’s done the entire house. Now before you get to wondering, of course I was out there with him for awhile, but I was more in a supervisory role than the physical labor part. All that energy has to have some direction, and I was glad to help.

I got to really feeling lazy when I heard the lawnmower. He decided since he did the house the lawn should be done too. I felt I should have been out there helping him, but he appeared to be having so much fun, I didn’t want to bother him.

Now if I can get my nieces to come over and clean the whole inside of the house before Christmas, I think everything will be set.


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