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Thursday, December 13, 2007

This one is for Olivia.

Yesterday while waiting in the doctor’s office with Fmom, I was thumbing through a Southern Living magazine. They usually have a lot of recipes in them, and I ran across one for triple cheese pimento cheese. I pointed it out to Fmom and told her I would find it on the net and send it to Olivia. She asked me if Olivia was interested in pimento cheese recipes, and I told her that they were almost Olivia’s whole world. I then told her the truth that Olivia had never heard of pimento cheese until we were talking in the café one day. Fmom got this look of horror on her face and asked me in a small voice, “She had never heard of pimento cheese.” I told her yes and that it was joke between us about pimento cheese and poutine. Then Fmom asked what poutine was and I explained it to her. The first look of horror was replaced by a second look of horror when she realized what poutine was.

I have to admit I was proud of Fmom though. She didn’t blurt out something like, “How can they eat something like that.” She just said, “I think I would pass on that.” However, the look on her face told me everything I needed to know on how she would approach poutine. I’m sure it was the same look on Olivia’s face when I’ve told her about some of the Southern delicacies down here.

BTW I wasn’t able to find that triple cheese pimento cheese recipe on the net. Sorry Olivia. :)


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