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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Manny tagged me yesterday for seven things about myself. I’m supposed to tag seven others, but honestly the people I would have tagged have already been tagged. So here’s my seven things.

1. I constantly loose my glasses. Even though I have bifocals, I take them off to see things close up and forget where I put them.

2. I know how I’m going to feel the rest of the day by how well I towel my head off after a shower. Weird I know, but when I do a very through job of drying my hair I know I’ll have plenty of energy for the rest of the day. When I just hit at it, not so much energy day.

3. When I take George out to the back yard to do his bidness, when I know he’s done, I’ll call him gently to come on back to the house. He’ll usually ignore me until he’s ready to come back. However, after I gently call him back repeatedly, I’m usually saying under my breath, you little bastard get your butt over here. Yes, I’m not proud of that.

4. I’m totally non-combatant. I’ll go out of my way or just not say anything before I would argue or hurt someone’s feelings.

5. I’m a worrier. I constantly worry about my family and friends. So if I haven’t heard from any of you in awhile, expect an email from me.

6. Lotteries are stupid, but everyday I expect to see the PCH van outside my front door. If wishes were yada yada yada.

7. I’m thankful for the day I met all of you. Sometimes when I get cynical about human nature all of you bring me out of the pit.

Well I’m off to take Fmom to an appointment. Hope everyone has a good day.


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