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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bright Light.

Last night while Fmom was watching the local news, the weatherman kept saying something about people calling in asking about a very bright light they saw in the sky. Now Fmom being the curious person she is had me go out and look. I looked and looked and looked and didn’t see it. I ended up going out three times, but nothing.

Now of course you know the imagination gets to going when something like this happens. I kept thinking of two things. Is it a UFO and are aliens going to take me away and show me the wonders of the universe? Is it a comet coming to crash into the world and somehow the world leaders forgot to tell us?

Now the comet one doesn’t appeal to me too much. Death, destruction and all of that never sounded like too much fun. But the alien one didn’t sound too bad. I obviously don’t want those aliens that do the probing. Plus any alien worth their, uhmm, antimatter would be using a handy dandy scanner. No need to take out organs just to replace them. Nope I want the aliens that would say, “FM because of your superior intellect and understanding of the universe, we’ve decided to pick you.” Of course I’d turn around to see if there was another FM there, and then I’d say, “Sure, OK.” Pretty profound huh.

So I came back into the house and told Fmom there was nothing out there. As I was going to sleep I thought imagination can be wonderful, but sometimes, it really lets you down. Oh BTW, I also thought I’d beam all of you up for a fast ride around the planet.


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