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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas The Day After Christmas.

We all had a wonderful day yesterday. Just about the whole family was there with the exception of a few. I think I last counted 29 family and extended family at the farmhouse. I love these holiday seasons when the whole family gets together. Of course the few hold outs we had, I’m sure will be hearing from Fmom today.

As I've said before, I've never been able to get good pictures of the inside, so here they are. You'll probably notice there are no curtain on any of the windows. Since no one lives there, my brothers and sister decided that it would be better to leave the house open to view. BTW I'm being slackerly, so just so I don't have to type "Click to enlarge" under each picture, well you know what to do.

The Parlour and the corner where the tree is always put.
This is pre-decoration.

Center parlour looking out to the front porch.

Left parlour looking into the entrance hall.

Breakfast room looking out to back porch and smokehouse.

Grandparents bedroom fireplace
and travel chest of the great uncle I was named after.

Corner of grandparents bedroom.

Dining room looking out on the deck and kitchen.

Hallway leading out to deck.
Dining room on the right and bathroom on left.

Hallway leading to breakfast room.
Hallway leading to deck on left and entrance hall of right.
You might notice this picture kind of leans.
The house needs some serious leveling,
but I think I leaned a little on this one.

Back bedroom looking out onto deck.
Hallways above leads out to the right,
and this picture was taken in the parlour doorway.

Back of house with deck.

One of the flowers still blooming.

Well that's what I have. One day I'll break out the video camera and try to do a walk through tour. That may come out better.

Hope everyone's holiday has been going great!


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