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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Used to, when I first started this blog I was listening to music when I wrote. I got away from that, and I noticed that I don’t write as often as when I did when I was listening to it. The one thing I liked to listen to was Irish traditional music. My ancestors came from Ireland, but it’s not in the genes. I grew up listening to John R on WYLS in Chicago and soul music. The Chicago station was only when the weather was right and only on AM.

I’m getting away from what I started. Everyone has a little thing they do that helps them think. I saw part of the original “Mr. Deeds goes to Washington” yesterday, and in court, he pointed out each little “twitch” everyone had. I guess for me when trying to write about what’s going on with me, if there’s that Irish music, I don’t think about so much the writing, but how I feel. I’ve been lucky enough to know some real writers. They amaze me still, and I would so love to be like them. Well almost like them, I’d want to be rich. :)

OK back to what I was saying. We all have our own little twitches. One of the many I have is listening to music when I type. So who has the twitches? Who bites their fingernails, or toenails for that matter? Who can’t help but curl their mustaches, ladies you’re excluded – well some. Who can’t but help put their little finger in their ear and shake it back and forth, and then look to see what came out! Hah, I dare anyone of your to tell me you’ve never done that!

OK, OK again it’s getting gross, but……………………..

Hah, and Hah again!

BTW, I hope the new year ahead is a good for ya’ll. And BTW I know that I misspell y’all everytime, but it’s sort of my way of rebelling.

Have a good year and get your finger out of your ear, or nose if it applies.


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