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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just A Normal Conversation.

Andi and Olivia said I should expand on this story and there wasn’t that much to tell, but here goes…..

While living in Germany I was lucky enough to rent a one-bedroom apartment from a very nice German family. My landlady was 72 at the time and her husband was a little older than her. My apartment was an attic apartment and to get to it, I had to walk through their apartment up a flight of steps to mine. Their apartment was over a shoe shop that they ran, so they lived on the second floor and I lived on the third. When I first moved in, I thought OK I’ll stay here six or seven months and then look for another place where I don’t have to walk through anyone’s home. Well that never did happen, and I was there for about four years. The family sort of adopted me, and I spent holidays and vacations with them.

One thing that they taught me, and I picked up from living in Europe is that nudity isn’t looked upon there as it is here. From seeing it on German TV (they don’t blank out the, ahem, good parts) to having nude areas on their lakes and ponds, it wasn’t unusual to go to a lake area and seeing people with nothing on.

My landlady’s shoe shop had a tanning booth in the back of it. It was always, and I mean always, booked. My landlady told me I could use it anytime I wanted to, so one day I decided to give it a shot. I told her I would be using it and went to the booth and shucked all my clothes, set the timer and got in. About five minutes later my landlady comes in and raises the top and starts talking to me. Now I’m lying there without a stitch on and she talking to me like a normal conservation. I later looked back, and I was kind of proud of myself. I didn’t freak or try to cover myself, I would nod and say yes or no as if a conversation with me naked was a normal thing. The conservation was pretty one-sided because she did all the talking, and mostly I just smiled and kept turning redder and redder from embarrassment. As I said, I looked back on it and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

About six months later, they along with their whole family were going to the beaches in France for a holiday. They wanted me to come along, but I couldn’t get off from work. When they got back, I was in their apartment for supper one night and they bring out the pictures of their vacation. I’m flipping through the pictures, and I start seeing pictures of her entire family with no clothes on. They had forgotten to tell me when they asked me to go along with them that they were going to a nudist beach. So I’m looking at pictures and there’s my landlady, her husband, her daughter and s-I-l, her grandson and his girlfriend without a stitch on. I started shuffling through the pictures faster and my landlady is laughing at me. She saw I was getting a little embarrassed by it, and she told me I was a prude. That in itself made me laugh, and I stopped being embarrassed.

While I was there, I never went to a nudist beach or lake. I did however make it to an indoor swimming pool one afternoon where everyone was doing the clothes optional thing. Of course this was purely by accident. How was I to know that a local swimming pool had a nudist night every Tuesday starting at 5:00 pm? I mean the pool schedule taped to my fridge doesn’t mean a thing. Really, I never even noticed that on the schedule. ;~)

Well after reading all of this, I guess there was a little to tell.


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